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How to crochet a dress - video tutorial with detailed instructions

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Crochet women's dress. For more details and written step-by-step instructions visit: Video tutorial includes 20 steps: Step 1 Create a foundation chain Step 2 Crochet the pattern alternating different color yarns every other round. Step 3 Work single crochet for 1 round on the other end of the foundation chain. Continue front loop single crochet (flsc) until you reach the desired length of the skirt. Step 4 Decrease 1 chain stitch every 11 stitches to reduce 10 sts. Step 5 Work flsc for several rounds. Step 6 Decrease 1 chain every 10 stitches to reduce 10 sts again. Step 7 Crochet few rounds with the other color yarn and then continue with the main color yarn. Step 8 Increase 9 stitches. Step 9 Crochet several rounds more after the increase before crocheting back and front pieces separately. Step 10 Crochet back piece. Step 11 Crochet back shoulder piece. Step 12 Crochet second back shoulder piece. Step 13 Crochet front piece. Step 14 Crochet front piece. Step 15 Crochet front shoulder piece. Step 16 Crochet second front shoulder piece. Step 17 Crochet sleeve. Step 18 Crochet sleeve edge with different color. Step 19 Repeat steps 17 -- 18 for the second sleeve. Step 20 Crochet neckline edge with different color yarn.

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Hi suzie breaker, Thanks for the good question. It is necessary to know your gauge first to estimate how many chains you need for the foundation chain keeping in mind that the pattern requires multiples of 8 chs plus 1 additional ch. (I count all the chs including the chain on my hook). To find the written instruction, please visit Happy crochet!
Niasha Wilson
How to crochet a dress - video tutorial with detailed instructions:
Hi dysdys BAP, Thank you for your comment. Yes, you need to go from the fullest part of your hips to know how long your foundation chain should be. 
Hello just a quick question what type of yarn is great for spring and summmer crochet items 4hanks 
Marleny Duran Guerrero
How to crochet a dress - video tutorial with detailed instructions:
Gary Stockton
what size is this ?thanks
Ahmed Ali
Glenneyse Olayvar
hi what kind of yarn are you using and what is the name of it ?
Vee Jackson
Hi, Love your work!!! I would like to know if you have instructions for XL (46 - 48). If not could you tell me how to do it for an XL. Would love to crochet some of your items personally for me. Thanks again for sharing. Be Blessed, Be Safe, & Thank God Daily Vee
Kevin Snyder
Can you do this without the lower fringe like area in just the normal stitches?


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