Crochet Videos - RUSSIAN JOIN, Make a Knot-Less join in knitting and crochet.
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RUSSIAN JOIN, Make a Knot-Less join in knitting and crochet.

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GET YARN AND HOOKS HERE: Learn to join your yarn using this time tested method, a great technique for joining yarn in the middle of a row! This very easy technique is brought to you by

Channel: Howto & Style
Author: Hectanooga1 - Crochet, Knitting, Jewelry, Crafts, Cooking

Length: 04:02
Rating: 4.913556
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Video Comments

Virginia Thompson
This is a great video and very useful.
Phyllis Pavis
Thank you so much for this!! You have just save me not only time, but so much frustration as well!!
Tina Feltman
thanks so much for this video :) 
Wow, you have done it again!!! 
Dene Hoyland
can you tell that there is double thickness in the wool and whats a matter with the good old fashioned sewing in just as quick but i will try it next time i am stuck thank you 
Susan Miller
Now .. why didn't I find this a few weeks back ??? I could have REALLY used it .. !!! lol!! Thanks though .. I am just finishing up an afghan and will need to join a last ball of yarn on ... and I am going to use this technique !! 
miss carol
Love this idea! Can't wait to try! Thank you for a great demo 
tammy lewis
Thanks so much for this tutorial! I used it today, and it works GREAT!!! 
Slim, zeg! (in Engl: That's smart!)
Eva Maria
Emi....congratulations, you have just taught an old lady more in a hour of watching some of your videos than I had known in 40 years of the little knitting and crocheting I have done. I appeciate you sharing your knowledge and am subscribing. are a wonderful teacher!!!!!

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