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how to make crochet rose scarf

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video tutorial for this scarf here =PFrwEJueQvs full my pattern with diagrams,detailed photo step by step and written instruction you can download here or or here thanks and please look my different video tutorials

Channel: Howto & Style
Author: marinella marifu6a

Length: 02:37
Rating: 3.969072
Views: 30802


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This video doesn't teach you how to make this scarf. Change the title.
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Malistina Cremer
Hi, i'm making the scarf right now and can't wait till it finished! Thanks for sharing it with us :)
Evelyn M
How about a real tutorial with words instead of music? Waste of my time
Thank you. This project was my first ever to make a crochet scarf. Also my first time to crochet ever. Your directions were really great. 
Mari Mykytka
Thank you, I already made one and it's BEAUTIFUL. Love all videos.
Debbie Geraets
Can ANYONE make a tutorial on how to create the roses? I want to make the scarf for my mom for Christmas but need to know how to make the roses first - thanks!
Hillary Overdiek
She does do a tutorial. Look it up on her channel.
Debbie Geraets
I was/am expecting a response to my post... I bought the supplies but am not going to make the scarf if I don't even know how to fold it the 3 different ways shown.
Debbie Geraets
I have watched the tutorial several times. How do you keep the rose in place? And the first rose she shows how to do doesn't even show how it goes around your neck.



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