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Crochet Leaf Tall Stitches Tutorial 18

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Get the more patterns at Learn how to crochet a beautiful leaf of very tall crochet stitches such as: double treble crochet, triple treble crochet, quadruple treble crochet, quintuple treble crochet, sextuple treble crochet. It sounds difficult... yeah, may be it is... Follow instructions of our crochet tutorial and we know you will do it! All stitches of the leaf are made through first or second 2 strands on the post, not through top 2 strands as we usually do. We made 3 rounds of trimming to make the leaf stronger and more beautiful: 2 rounds of single crochet stitches and the last round of long reverse single crochet stitches. Thank for watching! Crocheted leaf was made with Steel Crochet Hook 2.25mm (which is #2 US standard) and yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyacrylic, 160m/50g. US and UK use the same abbreviations in crochet, however they do no mean the same stitch. Here is a chart to help.)) USA / UK Single Crochet / Double Crochet Half Double Crochet / Half Treble Crochet Double Crochet (yarn over hook 1) / Treble Crochet Treble Crochet (yarn over hook 2) / Double Treble Crochet Double Treble Crochet (yarn over hook 3) / Triple Treble Crochet Triple Treble Crochet (yarn over hook 4) / Quadruple Treble Crochet Crochet Quadruple Treble Crochet (yarn over hook 5) / Quintuple Treble Crochet Quintuple Treble Crochet (yarn over hook 6) / Sextuple Treble Crochet Sextuple Treble Crochet (yarn over hook 7) / Septuple Treble Crochet Septuple Treble Crochet (yarn over hook 8) / Octuple Treble Crochet Como Tejer Hoja Hojas tejida con gancho. Aprende a tejer hojas con gancho Nature itself gives us many ideas of crochet leaves and twigs. All kinds of shapes and variety of shades and colors gives you the opportunity to fully develop your skills and imagination in crochet twigs and leaves. With our tutorials (lessons, master-classes) you will learn how to use all the crochet techniques like: spike stitches, bullion stitches, popcorn stitches, front and back post stitches and much more. Also you will find many interesting ideas of trimming. Just learn how to crochet a lot of new and innovative designs and video patterns of crochet leaves. Our crochet video tutorial for both experienced masters and beginners. Follow our Sherurucom Channel, and enjoy the tutorials with detailed explanations. We on Pinterest : We on Facebook: nitting?ref=hl We on Twitter : We on Google + : 15278471931755514009/+Sheruknittingcom/posts?pageid=115278471931755514009 We on Blogger :

Channel: Howto & Style
Author: Sheruknittingcom

Length: 17:18
Rating: 5.0
Views: 3920


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Crochet Leaf Tall Stitches Tutorial 18
Crochet Leaf Tall Stitches Tutorial 18
Crochet Leaf Tall Stitches Tutorial 18
Crochet Leaf Tall Stitches Tutorial 18
Gazwa Zaki
Crochet Leaf Tall Stitches Tutorial 18
кларин кларин
Crochet Leaf Tall Stitches Tutorial 18
amal john
hello how are sheru your flowers and leafs unique i hope you get a lot likes where is your website for print i searched i not fount it if you have please guide me
thanks. our website will be on soon. we will let you know

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